Nationality Days

50th Annual Ambridge Area Chamber of Commerce’s Nationality Days

When: May 15, 16 & 17, 2015 (Friday, Saturday & Sunday)
Time: Friday & Saturday: 12 – 9 PM, Sunday: 12 – 6 PM
Where: 2516 Duss Avenue Harmony Twp (NEW LOCATION!! Former Wright’s car lot)

Come out and enjoy 3 fun-filled days of ethnic food, music, crafts and more!




About Nationality Days

Going strong since 1965, Ambridge Nationality Days runs an interesting seam between the charm of small-town Americana and the ascetic observation of heritage.  For instance, it is not uncommon that authentic German toys be sold alongside modern handbags or that traditional Polish food be offered with a side of French fries.  So it would seem that while infinitely respectful, Nationality Days is never so austere as to interfere with having a good time.  This light-hearted festival guaranteed fun for the whole family

Art and craft vendors are hand to sell an impressively wide range of wares.  Fabrics, wooden carving, furniture, and pottery are just a sample of what’s offered.  Especially fun are booths for kids.  Often interactive and colorful, various toys and activities like bottled sand art and noise-making toys encourage a hands-on experience!  Food vendors aplenty line the street as well.  Homemade cuisines from churches and local organizations spotlight the Eastern European and Mediterranean roots of the town with Haluski and sausages.  Greek, Asian, and Mexican fare are not uncommon either.  More modern foods like lemonade, popcorn, and fresh boiled chips are available as well.

Nationality Days is loaded with a surprising amount of activities.  There is a lot to do for kids and families including gigantic rock-climbing walls, a street trolly, carnival games, and temporary tattoos.  Culture-based entertainment is played all through the weekend and keeps the festive atmosphere even livelier.  The parade on Saturday is the keystone event of the festival and is simply not to be missed.  Local clubs, marching bands, and organizations are all represented, and all manage in turn to proudly represent their individual heritage.

Admission is free!

Check out site frequently to see when we post the dates for next year!


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